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4000 BCE                  Phoenicians and Egyptians sail under cloth sails on single log and simple long narrow sailboats.

3000 BCE – 900        Square sails are common


2000 BCE                  Extensive sailing trading networks starts at the Mediterranean Sea. Iceboats in Scandinavia

1200 BCE                  Greek and Phoenician big cargo ships along the Mediterranean

500 BCE                    Phoenicians built ships with two big masts


100 BCE                    The Roman Empire has largest cargo and passenger ships of 180 by 45 feet

400s                          First catamarans along the Southeast Asian coasts

900                            Lanteen and Triangle sails are used

1000 – 1200              The Vikings built 80 feet long and 17 feet wide sailboats for war, trading and colonizing

1000                          Norse explorer Leif Eiriksson probably the first European to land in North America

1200                          First viking longboats and British merchant sailboats are made with small holes from which bowmen could fire their guns

15th century            The Barque or later Bark with sails running breadthways

1492                          Italian navigator Christopher Columbus lands in the Americas

1497                          Voyage of Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama from Europe to India

1500 – 1650              Sail makers start using flax fibre to create sails

1500                          Governments accept private sailing warships - privateers - to attack foreign shipping

1512                          Portuguese maritime explorer Ferdinand Magellan sails from Spain in order to find a western route to the Spice Islands of Indonesia.

                                  But he travels from the west of Africa to southern America

1660                          King Charles II introduces sport sailing in England. Dutch shipyards give British King Charles a small sailboat, named the Royal Yacht Mary

1680                          The Barca-longa two or three-masted lugger in Spain, Portugal and in the Mediterranean Sea

17th century           The Bermuda rig or Marconi rig with mast and rigging is created in Bermuda

1720                          World's first yachting club founded in Ireland, the Water Club of Cork

1760                          HMS Victory is constructed for of the British Royal Navy, and is used at the Battle of Trafalgar with Commander Lord Nelson.

                                  Now in Portsmouth as a museum.

1768 – 1771              Explorer James Cook is the first to cross over through Cape Horn, through the Pacific and discover east coast of the continent of Australia and New Zealand

1790                          First iceboat at the Hudson River in New York

1797                          Edmund Hartt Shipyard launches the USS Constitution of the US Navy

18th Century           Barquetine vessels with three or more masts are built

1830                          From now on flax is replaced by cotton

1844                          The New York Yacht Club is founded

1851 – 1983              U S sailors win numerous international sailboat races of the America Cup

1851                          First Annual Regatta around the Isle of Wight between American and British competitors

1860                          Yoal aka Ness Yoal used in the Shetland Islands

1884                          The Fisherman's Wharf builds the first American Felucca traditional wooden sailing boats, normally used in the Red Sea and along the Nile.

1869                          The Cutty Sark merchant clipper is built by Scott & Linton shipyard. Now in dry dock at Greenwich near London

1878                          Russell and Company in Port Glasgow, Inverclyde, Scotland builds the four masted full rigged Falls of Clyde. Now a museum ship in Honolulu, Hawaii

1895                          Hans Bendixsen builds the schooner C.A. Thayer for the lumber trade at the American west coast

19th Century           Sailing becomes an Olympic sport in Paris

1902                          The German steel hulled five masted ship-rigged windjammer Preussen is built

1904                          William Hamilton builds the four masted steel Kurt - now called Moshulu - in Scotland. Now a floating restaurant in Philadelphia

1906                          The Transpacific Yacht Race to Hawaii ocean race is created by Hawaiian King Kalakaua

1911                          The four masted barque Peking is constructed in Hamburg, Germany by Blohm & Voss

1920                          First aerodynamics designs for increasing speed

1927                          Echevarrieta y Larrinaga shipyard in Cadiz, Spain constructs the four masted topsail, steel-hulled schooner

                                  Named after Spanish explorer Juan Sebastián Elcano

1928                          The Santa Cruz Yacht Club is founded in California

1930                          The Italian Navy Shipyard designs the full rigged three masted steel hull Amerigo Vespucci tall ship

1933                          The three mast barque Gorch Fock I, formerly known as Tovarishch and Gorch Fock, is launched as Kriegsmarine school ship

1936                          The USCGC Eagle barque United States Coast Guard training cutter is constructed by Blohm & Voss shipyard in Hamburg for the German Kriegsmarine

1949                          The Optimist Dinghy is introduced by Clark Mills

1949                          Jack Holt designs the GP14

1950                          The two masted sailing craft Yawl is prepared for ocean racing

1956                          The Sail Training International Race Committee organizes the first Cutty Sark Tall Ships' Races.

1956                          Jack Holt designs the Solo

1957                          Gordon Douglass invents the Thistle and the Highlander

1958                          The Daily Sailer is built by George O'Day and the Flying Scot by Gordon Douglass

1960                          German engineer Wilhelm Pröls invents the Dynaship or Dyna Rig concept. The 12-foot Aqua Cats is created by Art Javes

1962                          The Ensign is designed by Carl Alberg

1967                          Francis Chichester makes a nonstop around the world solo sailing tour in the Golden Globe race. He is the first in the history of the sailboat

1971                          The Laser invented by Bruce Kirby and the Sabre 28 is built by Roger Hewson

1972                          Hobie Alter creates the Hobie 16

1976                          The J-24 is presented by Rodney Johnston and the Toulon dockyard in France constructs the Phocea, world's largest sailing yacht till 2004

1979                          The Sonar is designed Bruce Kirby

1981                          The Irish national sail training vessel Asgard II is launched

1983                          Australia wins the America Cup for the first time in sailboat history. The J-35 is designed by Rodney Johnstone

1987                          The US wins the the America Cup

1990s                        Hobie Cat creates the twin sail trimaran TriFoiler

1995 – 2000              New Zealand wins the America Cup

1997                          The Whitbread Race becomes the Volvo Ocean Race

20th Century           The steel-hulled five masted full-rigged tall cruise ship Royal Clipper is constructed by Zygmunt Choren.

2003                          Switzerland wins the America Cup. The largest single-masted yacht ever is built for entrepeneur Joe Vittoria: the sloop-rigged super sail yacht Mirabella V

2004                          Royal Huisman Shipyard the clipper-bowed three masted gaff-rigged luxury sailing yacht Athena. The largest yacht in sailboat history

2006                          Two of the largest private sailing yachts in the world are built.

                                  The Eos, a three masted Bermuda rigged schooner at the German Lürssen yard and the Maltese Falcon clipper for American entrepeneur Tom Perkins

2009                          Hydroptère breaks the outright world record, sustaining a speed of 52.86 knots (97.90 km/h) for 500m in 30 knots of wind

2009                          John Cameron and Peter Low become the first ever winners of “The Fourteen” at Newburgh Sailing Club

A brief look at some of the milestones in the history of sail from around 4000 BC until 2009