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Newburgh Sailing club celebrating 50 years of sailing on Saturday/Sunday 7th, 8th June 2008

Commodore John Cameron welcomed the members to a week-end of on land and on the water activities.

To begin the event the Red Ensign was broken out by Hamish Dempsey who is an Honorary Life Member of the club.

Sack races,Three legged races etc were held for the youngsters and then some parents had a race or two. Perhaps the most hotly contested race being the parents wheelbarrow race, young voices were raised in support of the parents. On the water the Oppie fleet were used in a relay race with frequent pit changes and the youngsters were either in the oppies or cheerleading chants for their helms and crews.

A welcome barbeque was then lit and everyone enjoyed the food and wine.

Sunday saw a good wind and a treasure hunt had been organised by Roger Horner.

Four boats took to the water but the Commodore and his lady wife returned swiftly to shore. The other three boas sailed towards a setting sun to find the clues.

A scavenger hunt completed the race and the winners were Jim Allan (helm) Peter Low (crew) and Bobby Marshall(cadet).

Many thanks to all who helped to make this such a good week-end.