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Newburgh Sailing Club

Shall promote sailing to develop a lifelong appreciation for sailing as an environmentally sustainable leisure and healthy lifestyle activity.

Will promote a high level of skill and seamanship in the handling of small craft.

Will aim to improve the caliber of racing at the club.

Web site

Will publish Information which must be suitable for viewing by its target audience (ie: the provision of indecent material via pages aimed at vulnerable individuals is not acceptable).


Information which may offend will be provided with a warning or security mechanism to prevent accidental access to such information. Access to such information should require some form of action by the viewer which clearly indicates their willingness to view it. However Newburgh Sailing Club will endevour to not publish such information or links to such information at any time.


Links to external sites should be verified to ensure that the link target is not presenting information likely to offend, preventing the inadvertent viewing of unsuitable material.

Commercial information must be clearly identified as such.

Advertisements should be legal, decent, honest and truthful.

All advertisements should clearly show the identity of the advertiser and the full contact postal address.

Information provided by people other than the publishers should be clearly identified and credited to the original provider.

We welcome any suggestions about our organisation and will implement those deemed useful by the management Committee.

The code of practice is subject to verification and audit as at 14th February 2010

Code of Practice