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“Kirsty Anne”

Many of you will remember the “Kirsty Anne”  which was moored and sailed for many years off the clubhouse and owned and sailed by George Gall. What you may not know is that Kirsty Anne has already been famous See here. I asked George to write down a few memories of this great little boat,

George said:-

I am always afraid of boring people with talk of the Kirsty Anne, however, here goes.

We had no boat when Maud and I joined Newburgh Sailing Club in 1968, we sailed a club Enterprise, but we had thought of  buying a Wayfarer and were saving up for that. Then we went on holiday to Shetland and saw the Shetland Models, watched some regattas, thought they were so elegant.   The boat was built in Lerwick, the boat builder was a keen sailor and had a very successful boat from which he took a mould to build glass fibre boats such as the Kirsty Anne.  Discovering that the price for a new Shetland Model was much the same as for a Wayfarer - we bought one, it was delivered to Aberdeen. The boat was ordered in 1972 when we were in Shetland and went to see the builder.

As for sailing then we have had many trips;


George has written a wonderful short description of the life of Kirsty Anne entitled “I must be off” which you can find here . Kirsty Anne is now at home with George and Maude and possibly looking for a new owner..


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