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Newburgh Sailing Club Sailing on for 66 Years in 2024 NSC Home NSC Home Have you ever said something that you later regretted even just a little bitty ?  If its Overheard, Overstated, or, Understated it goes on here !

" I couldn't afford enough pies and pints of beer to slow Emily down."   - Brian Cruickshank
  Speaking whilst trying to explain how he got beaten by Emily Innes again!

“GP14’s don’t capsize !” - Henry Henderson
GP14 Fleet Captain,  Discussing the virtues and stability of the GP14, and proceeding to capsize the boat the next day.

“Oh yes they do!” - Simon Richards

After taking out a club and another member’s GP14 and managing to capsize both!

“The RYA will never change the Solo handicap, its a benchmark !” - Ian Cameron

    Solo Fleet Captain, discussing the merits of the RYA handicap system and how certain boats always stay the same  except when they dont!

“We are on the wrong sail for these winds boy !” - Roger Horner

    Speaking about his B plan, at the start of a race in light winds 10 minutes before an F7- gusting 8 blew in. A sustained gust of F8 was recorded at Dundee airport at the time of the race.

“Just one more win and its mine !” - David Chisholm

    Getting excited about potentially winning the first ever laser class trophy, but capsizing at the start of the final race.

“I wasn’t far behind you though !” - Pete Low

    On coming ashore after crossing the line 16 minutes after the boat he was chasing but to be fair to Pete, 30 minutes before the last boats on the water retired.

“I was sure I had it, I didn’t think it was that windy !” - Henry Henderson

    Discussing a capsize after attempting to gybe in an F6-7, despite everyone else doing 270’s, some folk never learn !

    The same day during the race Dundee airport recorded sustained gusts of F8.

“You were a sadist in another life I think !” - Chris Todd
   Chris Todd talking to Henry Henderson after Henry put out a rather long course as OD on a very warm sunny day that saw the race last almost an hour.

“Local rules apply !” - John Hutt

    John bawled this at three boats in a photo finish on the line as he couldn't get all the numbers and times in quickly enough. When asked what it meant he replied that the three of them were disqualified !.

“Just put a plaster on it lassie” - Peter Low

    Discussing his bleeding head at the clubhouse. Then sometime later receiving medical glue at Dundee Royal Infirmary after a two hour wait to see a doctor.